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Gigs & Graphics

Gigs & Graphics x Sound City

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Gigs & Graphics is a collaboration between Northern Lights, Sound City, Toucan Tango and a variety of artists and musicians.

The exhibition will run around Sound City Festival 2018.

Gigs & Graphics have invited international artists to submit work that they have produced for musicians, festivals and gigs. The uptake has been remarkable and they are extremely proud to display these works in Liverpool. 

On Thursday the 3rd May; musicians, artists and music industry professionals who successfully inhabit an intersection of art and music will lead a day of workshops and talks. There will also be an opportunity to take part in a Q&A and discussions with these artists. Gigs & Graphics hope generate an exciting exchange of ideas and opportunities for future work and collaborations.

After talks in the evening, guests are encouraged to stay, continue the conversations and have a drink as the exhibitions are launched to the public!

For the remainder of the weekend, and for a short time on the Bank Holiday Monday, Gigs  & Graphics will be open to the public and festival goers.

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