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1. Nike Shipment Lost in the Pacific Ocean

In the early 1990s, a cargo ship, brimming with 80,000 pairs of Nike sneakers went missing at sea somewhere between South Korea and the United States. Treasure hunters working away at Washington, Oregon and Puget Sound beaches have all recorded findings of Nike Strike Force, Pegasus and Air Solo trainers.

Oceanographer Curtis Ebbersmeyer has been tracking the trainers ever since, using them as markers to better understand ocean currents - rather than undertaking the expensive process of dropping bouys and drift cards into the deep blue. Curtis estimates that each shoe travels an average of seven miles a day with some trainers now having travelled 24,000 miles...that's twice around the earth...Nike really do make indestructible sneakers!

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2. New Balance...inspired by the natural design of chicken feet

Founded in 1906, by Englishman William Riley, New Balance trainers were lightyears away from what we all know and love today. The New Balance Arch Support Company guessed it, arch supports for the people of Boston, Massachusetts.

The name 'New Balance' came from Riley's observation of how a chicken's three clawed foot provides them with exceptional balance! To demonstrate his design to customers, Riley would keep a pair of chicken feet on his desk at all times...and the rest as they say, is history.

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3. Chuck Taylor still rules the game

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are the best selling sneaker of all time, with sales topping 600 million pairs since their birth...all the way back in 1917. Not wavering too far from the original design, this iconic trainer was only available in the classic black and white until 1966.

The sneaker is still as popular today as it was 100 years ago, with rapper Wiz Khalifa among famous fans. They were also the footwear of many iconic rock stars such as Curt Kobain and The Ramones.

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4. Nike - Just Do It

One of the most iconic advertising slogans ever conceived, Nike's "Just Do It,' has crossed the lips of everyone from Michael Jordan to Shia LaBeouf...remember that?

What isn't common knowledge is that the slogan contains a darker origin than adverts would have you believe.

Sat on death row for the murder of two people in Utah, Gary Gilmore exclaimed, "Let's Do It," only moments before his 1977 execution. Reading of this in the newspaper, advertising guru Dan Wieden found inspiration, and went to Nike with his game-changing slogan.

A timeless tagline, inspired by a murderer.

5. Nike Swoosh cost $35

Originally designed by Carolyn Davidson of Portland State University, the Nike Swoosh has become one of the most recognisable logos of all time.

Speaking at the time, Nike founder Phil Knight said that he: "Didn't love it, but maybe it will grow on me." Originally paid just $2/hour for her design work, Knight commented that he didn't think that Davidson would spend 17.5 hours on the project.

Later gifting Davidson with 500 shares in the company, it's pretty clear that the Nike bosses were more than satisfied with her work.

Carolyn Davidson

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