Hello Carlos, please tell us a bit about yourself; where are you from and what got you interested in the world of audio-visual art?


I’m originally from South Spain (Jerez de la Frontera) where the sun is always shining. It is the hometown of Sherry (the wine), which against popular beliefs in the UK is a very trendy and refreshing drink with high standards in Spain. We say there’s a Sherry for everyone...you just need to discover it.

After some turbulent teenage years; where I got obsessed with flashing lights, electronic music and moving image, I went to Valencia where I studied a Design and Visual Arts degree for 4-years with a year of international exchange in Paris.

It was there where my interest in motion graphics and audio-visual installations grew considerably, the French are so passionate about this field! I was participating in a lot of projects and I always keep on eye on what's cooking over there. I still take frequent trips to France and Switzerland.

Whilst studying for my degree, I started going to audio-visual festivals and conventions. In 2013, I attended Mapping Festival in Geneva. Here, I participated in several workshops and lectures about video mapping and projection techniques which really opened me up to the world of audio-visual arts.

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You work on a site specific basis - what drew you to Hinterlands as a location for your Liverpool LightNight project?

I've had the privilege of collaborating with Liverpool LightNight since 2016, so this will be my third year presenting work for them. They proposed Hinterlands as a possible venue for my latest piece and after having a site visit, there was no doubt that it is the perfect place to host such event.

In a booming location as the Baltic Triangle, with all the cool cafés and art spaces going around, it was perfect to be part of it!

It also ticks all the boxes needed for my performance; proper sound insulation and blocking out all light is critical. An audio-visual installation needs to be in total darkness, so it's perfect. Everyone at Hinterlands was so welcoming to show me around and help us to facilitate everything needed to go ahead with the project.

Can you tell us a little bit about Anamorphix - What are you hoping to achieve with the installation and what experience do you want to provide visitors with?

Anamorphix comes from the idea of playing with perspective and its influence on a surface or screen when projecting moving images onto it.

Having already done several installations with different kinds of projection styles, where I throw out a beam of light and distort it onto a surface, the idea of doing the opposite was growing and then this technique anamorphosis popped out at me.

This time, I'm projecting a pre-distorted image onto two 90 degree screens that will only be seen correctly from a very specific point of view, so every individual in the audience will have their own experience.

Combined with live sound and music, I will aim to create an immersive experience of sound and light to enjoy with all the senses. I've also included pixel-mapped LED bars which will be placed at the back of the screen, casting shadows of myself moving about. This will create a second way of displaying moving image onto the screens...animated projections and casted shadows should create a beautiful sense of audio-visual chaos!

What does 2018 hold for Carlos Bernal and what other projects are you currently working on?

At the moment, I’m focused on developing my skills as a music producer. In the past, I collaborated with other artists to bring the whole audio-visual concept to life, but I do feel the urgency to begin creating my own sounds, fully putting my own print on each project. This year’s Liverpool LightNight project will be the first where I am creating both visuals and music live in real time, so it's going to be quite challenging.

My next project is in collaboration with a Manchester-based audio-visual collective called VAM. They're a group of super interesting and creative people, some of the best in Manchester's underground audio-visual scene. 

Looking further into summer, at the end of June I will be presenting a stage design concept at KALLIDA Festival. This event takes place in a massive Victorian manor house, with each of its rooms offering a different, totally unique setting. It is well worth checking out as it's the only festival of its kind in the UK. I will be running this stage under the name of MORESTATELAB - which is a collective I run alongside a team of other creatives such as Daniel Late and Marge Girdzijauskaitė, who work on music production and project management respectively. We all travelled to Lithuania last year to present works at Yaga Gathering and Kulturos Naktis which were both fantastic experiences. 

Take a look at the video below to find out about the amazing work of this collective.

You now have quite the history with Liverpool LightNight, why do you think it's an important project to be involved in?

Liverpool LightNight is a fantastic opportunity for both artists and the general public to see a different kind of art in the city. Liverpool transforms into a creative hub where every corner of the city has something happening. Whether it's a dance show, a light installation or a video mapping project, there's such a strong variety on offer. It's just amazing and overwhelming, and the team behind it is also incredible. There are a few light festivals around the UK, but non like the one in Liverpool. It has always been special and you can see how the level of production is growing every time, I just hope to be part of it every year! 

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Opening Times - Friday 18th May