Chances are that you have been to an event, be it a wedding, birthday party, or office Christmas party, that you have dreaded attending. Maybe the decorations were far too tacky, the food substandard, or the drinks horribly overpriced. This year at Hinterlands, we wanted to create a Christmas party to appeal to even the most refined taste, while incorporating glamorous elements of lively celebration.

Your employees work hard all year and the festive season is a time to acknowledge those efforts and celebrate together! You want that to be a positive, memorable experience, right?

After the street-food inspired feast in our Winter Wonderland, guests will be ushered into our Eclipse space, which we have planned to deck-out in the style of New York’s famous Studio 54. A live saxophonist will accompany all of your favourite disco songs, spun by one of our favourite DJs, Flossy.

Live dancers will be scattered throughout the dance floor to encourage guests to bring out their best moves.

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Our Marketing Coordinator, Jordan, spoke about the inspiration of the event, saying, “Hinterlands boasts two dynamic spaces, both working in harmony to create a Christmas party like no other. We wanted to combine a social, festive dining experience, with a Christmas night out in an 'exclusive nightclub'…all under one roof. The Eclipse space will open later in the evening, giving the guests a feeling of going out to a nightclub. We chose a theme that reflected the look and feel of the Eclipse space. Studio 54 is disco, it's chic and it's theatrical. From the music to the drinks to the entertainment, we are taking inspiration from one of the most ostentatious clubs of its era.”

Studio 54 was known for what Rolling Stone describes as, “an unprecedented mix of glamourous sophistication and primal hedonism.” New York City’s elite, including Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, and Sylvester Stallone, gathered in the nightclub on W. 54th Street to unleash their wild sides. Chic’s hit single “Le Freak,” was inspired by an experience the two members of the group, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edward, had at the club on New Year’s Eve in 1977. Although their singles were hits on the dance floor, the pair were denied entry by Marc Benecke, the club’s notoriously strict doorman. After walking back to Rodger’s apartment, they wrote what would eventually become “Le Freak.”

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The owners of Studio 54, Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, were known for their lavish treatment of A-List celebrities and devotion to bringing their fantasies to life on special themed nights. For example, when Dolly Parton came to NYC for a set of shows in 1978, the club was transformed into a farm, to make the country star feel more at home in the Big City. The floor was lined with haystacks, and horses and donkeys roamed the space.

Rolling Stone said of Studio 54’s door policy, “The door code played upon the fundamental human quirk of desperately wanting what one can’t have. Those who were turned away often returned night after night, changing their outfits, hairstyles, and company.” Luckily, at Hinterlands’ take on the famous club, all you need to gain entry is a booking. Get in touch with us here to secure your place, before it’s too late!