Mr G.

Far and beyond his silky, much talked about dance moves, Mr G. (AKA Colin McBean), is a hero of the British dance music scene. His live sets have become a thing of legend over the past decade with a stripped back set-up of an MPC2000, a mixer and a note pad. Simplicity, Mr G. says, allows him to feel the music and really get involved with the dance floor, unconstrained by an amalgam of gear and wires.

Catch him for his long, long overdue Liverpool city debut at Hinterlands!


A one man army, DMX Krew has been producing music on esteemed labels such as Aphex Twin's Rephlex and Central Processing Unit for over 25 years.

Garnering cult status across a career spanning two decades, he has touched upon everything from acid house to electro, techno and ambient. His live sets last summer at festivals like Gottwood and Houghton drew critical acclaim and his appearance at Hinterlands this February will be his first in the city for eight years.


Although there are DJs-a-plenty on this bill (all of whom are exciting future prospects in their own right), a special shout out has to go to Scottish DJ, Eclair Fifi (AKA Clair Stirling).

Probably best known for her BBC Radio 1 residency, regular appearances on Rinse FM and as a one-time resident of Jon K's now fabled Hoya Hoya parties.

Joining them on the bill are Leeds-based DJ and Tribe Records affiliate, Alex T - Feel My Bicep and Sulta Selects producer, Cromby - the globetrotting, Dimensions Soundsystem - Noods Radio DJ, Alexis.

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