Liverpool Sunflowers is a cancer support centre in Aigburth that gives 600 users access the services monthly. They provide over 20,000 hours of cancer support services per year, each hour costing roughly £5.

Whether it’s providing a lymphatic drainage massage to someone recovering from breast cancer or a counselling session for a child dealing with a parents diagnosis, Sunflowers are there to help them through the difficult times! You're raffle ticket could be changing a life. Liverpool Sunflowers is run solely on donations after losing all funding in 2016 and all money raised goes right back into helping turn patients into survivors, and bettering the lives of all those impacted.

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Our friends at MAKE Liverpool created an 8 foot Gingerbread House for us to use to showcase the various prizes donated to the raffle by local businesses. We are very grateful for the businesses that partnered with us to raise funds for Sunflowers!

Travelodge; Dorothy; Ryde; Tusk; Baltic Social; Swanky Malone’s; Coffee and Fandisha; Gusto; Brewdog; Gin Garden; Rose Lane Bistro; Interesting Eating Co.

For more information on Liverpool Sunflowers, please visit: http://www.liverpoolsunflowers...