In today’s day and age, you have likely heard the refrain “staying in is the new going out.” With endless options on various streaming services, the ability to stay in your pyjamas, and avoidance of the often horrendous English weather, it is easy to understand why people opt to remain in the comforts of their own home rather than venturing out.

A report published by Attest showed that of 1,000 working age (18-64) people in the UK, 34% of participants said the ideal Friday night would be spent cosied up, watching TV at home. In America, 41% of people surveyed said this is how they would prefer to spend a Friday night.

However, in the same report by Attest, 66% of UK participants said that they crave more social interaction. As we as a human race become more connected digitally, there is less in-person connection taking place, causing us to feel more isolated.

In a city such as Liverpool, there is so much to experience no matter your interests. As you probably know, Liverpool is home to a load of great music and club venues and events, as well as hosting festivals such as Baltic Weekender, Africa Oyé, and Liverpool International Music Week. There is always a new favorite band to discover and new friends to meet!

If live music and dancing is not quite your thing, try gathering your friends to do activities such as a round of putt-putt at Ghetto Golf or playing a board game at Sugar and Dice. If Netflix is still your jam, gather friends to watch a series or film together.

Now more than ever, society is rapidly changing and participating in the culture of your city is one way to live history. Engaging in the world outside your home contributes to your well-being and empathy levels, and makes that time spent at home even more precious.