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Raw, industrial and innovative, Hinterlands is a rare event space in Liverpool where events can come to life. An independently-minded, multi-purpose venue, created for pioneers and businesses to come together.

event space liverpool

An independent, multi-purpose event space in Liverpool. Aimed primarily, but not exclusively at creative, digital, cultural and leisure businesses. An event space for conferences, weddings, festivals, exhibitions, meetings, galas, music events and everything in between.

Less than 200 metres away from its sister venue, Constellations, Hinterlands is a unique proposition for organisers hosting multi-venue events in Liverpool

event space liverpool
event space liverpool

Hinterlands is situated in the famous Cains Brewery site, which was established in 1859 by Robert Cain and has been producing beers and ales in Liverpool for over 150 years, until its recent closure.

Over the last year, the brewery and surrounding buildings have been transformed into an independent destination with brand-new co-working spaces, artist studios, countless bars and a food & drink market. A thriving working community and night-time destination.

A unique and vibrant location for any event, offering organisers and guests the opportunity to conveniently mix business with leisure.

event space liverpool

We see a trend emerging that event agencies and the brands they represent are looking for something a little more unusual. A event space that falls in-line with their client’s niche businesses, culture and diverse customer interests and desires.

Abandoning traditional approaches can stimulate innovation and creativity - Something seen more commonly in some of today’s most successful businesses. For events, this can lead to a refreshing and unexpected experience for both customer and organiser.

From location to design, we’ve built an event space that is flexible, functional and versatile, with our knowledge of events and venues guiding our vision.

Traversing two main event spaces, Hinterlands is a dynamic, interwoven complex. The Event Hall, Mezzanine Bar, Eclipse Theatre and Annex are linked by a multitude of corridors and sprawling staircases.

Offering unconventional originality, every aspect of the venue has been carefully constructed to amplify and accentuate the building’s industrial characteristics; from its vaulted ceilings to its exposed steel structure.

Technology plays a big part in the venue’s design, connecting each visitor’s physical and digital experience. The venue is furnished with Hyperoptic Wifi, made accessible to every customer.

We want to help create more unexpected moments. Moments that are valuable, memorable and a cut above the rest.

Nicholas Baskerville, Jan 2018 (Marketing Director)

This is the concept behind Hinterlands. By definition, it’s a space lying beyond what is visible or known.

‘The Space Beyond’...

event space liverpool
event space liverpool

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