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Independent Liverpool's cheese festival shows us that shared experiences are on the rise. Most of us prefer to engage with a community of like-minds than make traditional consumer purchases.

Increased Connectivity

Adding to this, the average Millennial* is reported to spend 233 minutes on their smartphone every day. Mull that one over for a moment...this adds up to 26 hours every 7 days. Millennials spend more than a whole day each week absorbing and sharing information on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook and so much more. At the end of 2017, the Independent reported that the average Briton checks their phone 10,000 times a year.

One of the most interesting byproducts of our increasing addiction as a nation to the tiny computers that live within our pockets is the recorded movement away from a consumer economy that defined the 1960s, 70s and 80s, and towards one that now values experiences. The more we have begun to document and share our lives online, the more it seems we have become micro-influencers on those around us, each of whom share in our lust for “Instagrammable” moments and unique experiences.

As The Guardian reports, spending on the experience economy has risen rapidly over the past 12-months. The latest figures from Barclaycard, which processes about half of all Britain’s credit and debit card transactions, show that there has been a 20% increase in spending in pubs, 16% in restaurants and 13% theatres & cinemas. All the while, department stores have either stagnated or slumped, with spending on household goods dropping 2.5% and spending on vehicles dropping by 11%.

These changing tides are reshaping our relationship with the events industry on a formidable scale and brands are taking note. Given this economic shift in consumer spending, it has become clear to marketers that a strong event leaves a lasting impression on an audience. Peer-to-peer sharing via these social media channels amplifies the special moments that brands seek to impart upon their audience.


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Marketing is falling increasingly into the hands of the individual. Facebook and Instagram Live have catapulted peer-to-peer sharing into new realms with greater reach and immediacy.

Seeking a Deeper Connection

From the most extreme and awe inspiring examples arising from companies such as Red Bull (literally jumping from planes and drifting round city centre streets), to more nuanced and individually engaging experiences such as a showcase of a city's food, art or culture scene - experience and engagement marketing are leading forces when brands are seeking a deeper connection with their audiences.

But for lasting "memories" to be created, companies must work to establish themselves as offering incomparable points of contact with their customer. Better campaigns, smarter technological innovations and often bigger showcases than their competitors are driving the industry forward. For many seeking success in events marketing, it seems the future will be distinguished by their choice of venue or location, with Eventbrite's Pulse Industry Report showing that 62% of organisers stating that this remains the most important factor in their process.

Traditional AGM and conference venues do not foster the desired atmosphere for the relaxed, casual, or inspiring engagements sought after by marketeers. As seen on Bizzabo, brands are taking to the streets, or unique event destinations to get closer to their customers. By transforming a humble railway stairwell, throwing a comic book themed party or dumping a giant block of ice in the middle of Times Square, brands such as Volkswagen, Smirnoff and Jet Blue have all created lasting engagements with their customers.

Blank Canvases to be Explored

For event spaces, just as with mundane real world locations, the importance therefore lies in adaptability. By allowing event organisers to turn blank canvases into worlds of their own, these unique points of engagement can be realised.

Versatility, connectivity and a sense of open-minded ambition are all integral to this process of reaching out. By rolling back the boundaries of what a conventional event space really is, what it feels like and how its visitors can interact with it - event organisers are given a space to flood with their own ideas, vision and atmosphere.

The Hinterlands event space has been tailor made with this ethos in mind.

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Hinterlands Event Hall. Transformed into Liverpool's grandest cheese festival for one weekend only.